10 competencies of top staff accountants

February 28th, 2017  // News

Mastering these skills can help staff accountants set themselves apart and possibly earn higher pay and a promotion. Read more

What you need to know about robo-advisers

February 24th, 2017  // News

Robo-advisers have become an important segment of the financial services industry. Publications issued Thursday by the Securities and Exchange Commission provide guidance to investment advisers who operate robo-advisers and investors who use their services. Read more

5 ways to develop your professional skills through digital learning

February 23rd, 2017  // News

Incorporating digital learning activities into your professional development plan can help you maintain relevance in your career. Busy daily routines can limit opportunities for professional growth, but digital learning offers flexibility that a traditional classroom can't. Read more

How to deal with dysfunctional people at work

February 22nd, 2017  // News

Is your organization disrupted by bullying or other damaging behaviors? These six strategies can help you take a stand. Read more

Average cost of retirement exceeds $700,000, study finds

February 21st, 2017  // News

A study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave found that the cost of retirement surpasses $700,000 on average, far outweighing the costs of purchasing a home or paying for higher education. Read more

Microsoft Word: How to insert different headers and footers in Word

February 17th, 2017  // News

Want to use different headers (or footers) on different pages in a document but can't figure out how to change the header on one page without changing it on all the pages? This Technology Q&A item hands you the key to unlocking this mystery. Read more

Why are so many workers disengaged?

February 16th, 2017  // News

There are more actively disengaged employees than there are engaged ones, according to Gallup's research. The problem is often a result of corporate inefficiencies and bureaucracies, as well as inadequate training for managers. Read more

Email security: Securing your Gmail account

February 15th, 2017  // News

Learn how to enable two-step verification, which can prevent others from accessing your account even if they have your password. Read more

How to break bad habits at work

February 13th, 2017  // News

Breaking a bad habit at work can be challenging, as it's easy to lose momentum and revert to the status quo. Setting small goals and using a simple tracking chart to measure your progress can help. Read more

What business owners should know about employing their children

February 10th, 2017  // News

Business owners who hire their children can deduct the wages, and the child's earnings can be contributed to an IRA on his or her behalf. However, it's important to keep detailed records to make sure the arrangement doesn't run afoul of the Internal Revenue Service or child labor laws. Read more

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