Cloud Financial Optimization

We are Cloud FinOps certified experts committed to optimizing the business value of your Cloud spend to drive efficient growth

Cloud Financial Optimization

We are Cloud FinOps certified experts committed to optimizing the business value of your Cloud spend to drive efficient growth

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Cloud Finance 101

Discover how Squire Cloud Finance experts can help you save thousands each month and maximize every dollar.

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Are you leveraging reserved instances, savings plans, or other discounted pricing options offered by your cloud provider?

Have you implemented proactive measures to right-size or optimize underutilized resources in your cloud environment?

Does your organization actively monitor and analyze cloud usage and spending on a regular basis?

Do you have defined policies or governance in place to control cloud resource provisioning and usage?

Have you implemented automated cost allocation and tagging strategies?

Your estimated savings is: 30%

Squire Cloud Finance Capabilities

Squire offers a tailored approach to managing your cloud expenditure. Our Cloud Finance Service program carefully reviews your cloud consumption, provides proactive plans for it, and maintains a continuous watch on costs to minimize unnecessary cloud expenditure. By enhancing transparency and delivering precise financial reports, we help you clearly see expenses across different platforms and vendors. This gives you early insight into potential spending issues, and faster corrective actions.

All together, with more efficient Cloud Finance practices we assist you in making informed decisions regarding the optimal distribution of workloads for migration to the cloud, maximizing the ROI from your cloud assets.

Cloud FinOps Certified

The Value of Cloud Finance Services

Enhanced financial management of your cloud infrastructure is the key to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the actual cost of cloud services within your organization. Through our cloud finance services, you can empower yourself to more effectively pinpoint, govern, and optimize your cloud expenditures.


Common Challenges in Cloud Management

decorative Financial management processes struggle to accommodate the fluctuating costs associated with cloud services.
decorative Confusing, unfamiliar terminology in cloud financial reporting.
decorative Lack of appropriate cloud spend tooling, governance, and monitoring.
decorative Finance teams can't suggest ways to save money due to their limited technical expertise.
decorative Technical teams lack the incentives to think financially.
FinOps Services Cycle

Our Approach

We understand that the world of Cloud FinOps can be overwhelming. Why spend your valuable time and energy trying to navigate the complexities of powerful tools like Lightstream Connect® and Finout® on your own? At Squire, we offer more than just the software – we offer a tailored, results-driven approach combining powerful technology with insightful services.

Here’s how we help you adopt a FinOps model that aligns with your objectives, resources, and IT maturity:

Report: Organize and present Cloud costs to all stakeholders, showing what is being spent and where.

Optimize: Identify and execute usage and rate savings opportunities. We find low-hanging fruit and give our clients quick wins.

Govern: Implement daily FinOps culture for ongoing Cloud spend evaluation and optimization — leading to sound management and savings as time goes on.

FinOps Services and Technology Knowledge

FinOps Services Cycle

Why Squire for FinOps?

With our specialized team, you get:

  • Deep technology experience
    At Squire, offering technology and finance support to our clients is nothing new. We started our dedicated technology practice in 2008, providing guidance through a wide variety of technological issues and opportunities.
  • A full set of financial services
    Squire leverages extensive expertise in various sectors and technology, driven by a business-oriented strategy. We complement this with proficiencies in tax, audit and advisory services to ensure a comprehensive perspective on the financial management of your cloud ecosystem, moving beyond the narrow confines of an IT perspective.
  • Forward-thinking perspective
    Our collaboration with you focuses on crafting a versatile approach to cloud FinOps that aligns with your organization’s present needs as well as its future challenges.

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