Direct Selling

Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

Direct Selling

Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes.

Direct Selling

Squire has been advising domestic and international direct selling companies for decades. We have a dedicated industry group of professionals from our tax, audit, advisory, and technology departments that specialize in direct selling. We have been privileged to see our clients grow from their early stages to some of the world’s leading international brands.

As founding members of the Direct Selling Management Association and the Direct Selling Symposium and as a supplier member of the Direct Selling Association, we are actively promoting and sharing best practices that will ensure the future success of the industry. We offer a complete set of solutions for your multi-level marketing or party plan enterprise.


Strategic solutions designed for direct sales organizations:

  • Sales and income tax solutions
  • Technology integrations
  • Audit and assurance
  • Outsourcing – CFO and Controller
  • International expansion

Sales Tax

A proactive approach to sales tax automation for direct selling companies of all sizes.  Since 1997, Squire has been defining and re-defining all things tax for direct selling companies.  We combine technology and a personalized approach to provide an end-to-end solution for secure and accurate sales tax compliance.

Direct selling stretches the boundaries of the sales tax world because the way companies rapidly expand both domestically and internationally. Our sales tax solution was designed with the complexities of the industry in mind.  Whether you are a multi-level, party plan, or hybrid, Squire has a practical and proactive solution.

Sales & Use Tax Services

  • Product taxability
  • Nexus studies
  • Calculation services
  • Registrations
  • State & local filings
  • Exemption certificates
  • Audit support

Start Ups

Navigating the early stages of your direct selling business is both exciting and challenging. The knowledge and experience of your finance team is critical to your sales and marketing efforts. Fortunately, the majority of the common pitfalls that new mlm and party plan companies fall into have already been discovered. By strategically avoiding them, you will save huge amounts of time and money!

Our Early State clients benefit from:

  • Saving gobs of time and money
  • Improving cash flow
  • Industry knowledge
  • Focus on sales and marketing
  • Confidence in decision making
  • Regulatory compliance


  • Entity structure selection
  • Product mix analysis
  • Sales tax set up and 50 state plan
  • Financial forecast models
  • Virtual CFO
  • Inventory demand planning tools
  • Industry accounting software
  • Compensation payout
  • Outsourced finance and accounting

“The advisors at Squire have been attentive to our needs, have given great insight on challenging issues and have provided results we can count on, allowing for all to see our vision through to the end.”

Angie Garcia
CarWill LLC



Direct sales is a fun and exciting industry. The tax and compliance side of direct sales is not so fun. Because direct sales companies quickly expand throughout the 50 states and then internationally, understanding the tax laws can be difficult. As a direct sales company, you want to avoid anything that can slow down momentum or cause concern for your sales representatives. Ending up on the wrong side of compliance can be a show stopper!

Our tax clients benefit from:
  • Compliance = peace of mind
  • Saving gobs of time and money
  • Field confidence
  • Momentum


  • Product mix analysis
  • Company sales tax registration
  • Establishment of thresholds
  • Software set up
  • Domestic entity structure(s)
  • Multi-state income tax
  • Gross receipts tax
  • Foreign entity structure(s)
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Transfer pricing strategies


Nobody plans to fail, but many direct selling companies do. The number one objective of a direct sales company is sales. Everything else in the organization should be designed to support and enhance sales activity. The challenge in direct selling is properly sizing and positioning the other departments such as recruiting, operations, finance, legal, and HR. When a direct sales company is in growing quickly, the other areas of the company must have proper planning and reporting to meet the demands of the sales efforts.

Our advisory clients benefit from:
  • Higher profits
  • Better decision making
  • Improved cash flow
  • Quality of life
  • Long-term financial security



  • Strategic design and implementation
  • Inventory demand planning tools
  • Cash flow models
  • Industry metrics and benchmarking
  • Management dashboards
  • International forecasts
  • Strategic retreats
  • Employee performance management


Technology is critical to a direct sales company. Tracking large volumes of orders, inventory, returns, sales tax, commissions, bonuses, and currencies is difficult enough with good technology. The challenge for a multi-level marketing or party plan is implementing the right technologies and getting them all to communicate properly.  We have been offering technology solutions to direct sales companies for 15 years and can’t image trying to do it without best-in-class technology.

Our clients benefit from:
  • Data integrity
  • Data visibility
  • Reduced head count
  • Ability to grow
  • Accuracy


  • Accounting software selection
  • Interconnectivity of systems
  • Information mapping
  • Supply chain integrations
  • Reoccurring payment solutions
  • International consolidations
  • Multi-currency accounting


For many businesses, banks, investors, merchant providers, and regulatory agencies are both exciting and concerning. Therefore, they are looking for additional levels of assurance in the financial figures reported. Direct selling companies are also susceptible to higher levels of fraud and abuse. Preparing for an annual audit can be stressful and time consuming without the right direction and oversight.

Our audit and assurance clients benefit from:
  • Reduced fees
  • Third party assurance
  • Improved controls
  • Improved processes
  • Confidence in numbers
  • Reassurance


  • Financial statement review, compilation
  • Financial statement audit
  • Compensation plan pay out audit
  • Management of statutory audits
  • Development of internal controls
  • Agreed upon procedures


One challenging area for direct selling companies is the finance and accounting department. The knowledge and experience of your finance team is critical to supporting your sales and marketing efforts. Many companies cannot immediately engage a full time financial team with the industry expertise necessary to properly set up and account for business activity.

Our outsource clients benefit from:
  • Financial savings
  • Improved cash flow
  • Focus on sales and marketing
  • Confidence in decision making
  • Regulatory compliance



  • CFOplus
  • Controller services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Sales tax administration
  • Payroll (W-2 and 1099)