Squire provides complete and personalized tax management and planning solutions to meet your needs.


Squire provides complete and personalized tax management and planning solutions to meet your needs.

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Tax Planning

Our tax planning services help make your life—and your tax returns—simpler. We work with you to identify options to manage (and hopefully reduce) your personal and business tax liability. Changes to the tax laws continue to happen, from the Tax Cut and Jobs Act to recent changes in response to COVID-19 in the CARES Act. We’ll work with you to apply these laws and changes to your situation and develop tax planning strategies that make good financial sense.

Our tax planning services encompass the following:

  • Tax forecasting and budgeting. We provide an analysis of current year income and expenses to forecast current year tax, including running scenarios for timing of expenses or income to manage and forecast tax situations. As unique situations arise, we revisit your tax projections. From stock options to inheritances to selling, starting, or acquiring investments and businesses, tax forecasting and budgeting should be a part of your strategic planning that you revisit often.
  • Tax laws changes and impacts for businesses and individuals. Current tax law is constantly being revised. Whether the revisions are minor tweaks or major shifts in policy, it is important to understand the impact of current and future tax laws on you and your plans. Opportunities to improve your tax situation may exist as laws and rules sunset and expire in the tax code. We’ll help you understand those changes so you can make important decisions.
  • Tax efficiency solutions. From stock and investment transactions to buying and selling a business, there are important factors that can help you minimize the tax impacts on your transactions. We can offer insight into the short- and long-term opportunities, so you can make better decisions with your money.
  • Financial and retirement planning. You’ve worked hard to build your nest egg and want it to continue to grow. Your retirement plan will have tax consequences to your financial future, so planning to match your future and retirement situation is critical.

Let the Squire Tax Team work with you to personalize these concepts for you and your future.

Check out our tax planning guide and be sure to contact us to discuss your situation and plans to start your tax plan today!

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Tax Professionals

Experienced tax professionals at Squire  work to provide you with  personal service and attention. You can depend on our certified tax professionals to provide accurate, timely and proactive guidance. We will work one-on-one with you and provide personalized recommendations on how to manage the cost associated with taxes.

Our Tax Team Can Help With:

• Tax preparation
• Tax consulting
• Estate & gift planning
• Retirement
• Mergers & acquisitions
• International taxation
• Transfer pricing
• Valuations
• Financial planning & wealth management
• Other tax services


Tax Preparation

At Squire & Company, PC, you’ll find friendly tax professionals experienced in personal- and business-related tax preparation. We’re familiar with state and federal guidelines, and can quickly and securely serve the tax needs of:

  • Individuals
  • S Corporations
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Estate tax returns
  • International tax reporting

Tax Consulting

A partnership with Squire & Company, PC means you get more than qualified, reputable tax advisors. You get a personal relationship and the attention you deserve from a dedicated team of financial professionals. To help you move forward so you can start enjoying more of your assets while minimizing your taxes, we’ll spend time researching and analyzing your financial position and preferences. Our personalized tax consultations and advice will reflect careful attention to your objectives and unique financial story.

Whether you’re looking to structure a family property transfer, reorganize your business or defer tax on the sale of an asset, Squire & Company, PC’s tax planning services help you avoid tax traps and minimize the amount you pay to state and federal agencies.

“Our experience with Squire has been very positive. They have worked with us on many issues and completed our audit and 990 tax return for about 10 years. We have worked with Paul Winward and many associates during that time and have found them to be quite professional and a good fit for our company.”

Sonja Levesque
Midtown Community Health Center, CFO


Other Tax Services

Squire & Company, PC is your complete tax service agency. In addition to estate and gift planning, tax preparation and tax consulting, we have a number of other financial solutions to fulfill your business and tax strategy. Each personalized tax solution or service is backed by the service and experience Squire & Company, PC is known for. You can depend on our certified tax professionals to provide accurate, timely and proactive guidance

Additional tax services include:

  • Tax efficiency solutions
  • State and local tax advisement and preparation
  • Valuations
  • Tax forecasting and budgeting
  • International tax intricacies
  • Financial planning