Squire is founded on core principles that drive us towards excellence. We invite candidates with the same passion to be part of a growing and dynamic firm.


Squire is founded on core principles that drive us towards excellence. We invite candidates with the same passion to be part of a growing and dynamic firm.


Real World. Hands On.

An internship with Squire gives you real-life experience in a great environment. You’ll perform actual client services to get a full, realistic picture of your future career. Even better? You’ll work in a culture where you’re truly valued and a full member of our team. We pride ourselves on our relationships—with our clients and with each other.


Actual Work / Life Balance

Time off is encouraged rather than just “allowed.”

Competitive Pay

Internships at Squire are even eligible for overtime.

Real, Valuable Projects

You’ll actually perform client services and meaningful work.

An Award-Winning Company

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  • Chrissy Hannemann

    The best part about working for Squire is the way the leaders see the “whole” person. Squire supports us professionally and personally. Professionally they recognize you have dreams and aspirations and support your talents and interests. In addition to skill building necessary to meet performance objectives, they are also looking for how you can grow in the profession. Squire provides employees with opportunities to enrich their experience with training, mentoring, and special assignments. For example we are encouraged to join organizations in the business community like the chamber of commerce to build our business development skills. At the same time management will support us in our personal development. They offer a free employee assistance program, health and wellness friendly competitions, company sponsored sports teams, reading clubs, fantasy football, and plenty of lunch/dinners to mix and mingle. This is my first year and working for Squire has been an awesome year for me!

  • Michael Murdock

    Squire has been a perfect fit for me! There is such a wide variety of work that I’m always learning something new. The relatively “flat” organizational structure helps me feel empowered – I’ve been able to have strategic conversations with the CEO in my first couple years working here. The management team takes a particular interest in my success, and has given me lots of opportunities to grow. These are benefits I never saw in my experience with the “Big 4”. I really love our culture and work environment.

  • Tony Lopez

    My experience with Squire has been nothing but positive. Squire is very focused on their employees and helping their employees grow. I changed jobs a few times before coming to Squire. I came to Squire because of its reputation of caring and taking care of its employees. I have seen the rest and Squire is the best!

  • Ali Averett

    One of the things I loved about my internship was the amount of hands-on experience that I had. Even as an intern I felt like I was given a lot of responsibility and was able to make a significant contribution to the tax team. Squire made sure that I was well trained and gave me plenty of resources to help me with any questions that I had. Everyone in the office was very friendly and willing to help me succeed. I loved my experience with Squire and highly recommend them to anyone who might be considering an internship with them!