Open New Possibilities with NetSuite

Experience the low cost and high ROI of NetSuite cloud computing and generate maximum professional service opportunities from a single sale.


Experience the low cost and high ROI of NetSuite cloud computing and generate maximum professional service opportunities from a single sale.

Direct Selling

Transform Your Direct Selling Enterprise with a Cloud-Based Omnichannel Commerce Platform


Enable your international growth and meet your supply chain, warehouse, and accounting needs.

If you are growing fast, sell internationally or between entities, manage inventory across multiple locations, have distinct roles within your company, or perform light manufacturing… you are likely feeling you have outgrown your current starter ERP system. Now is the time to enable your growth through a system that will scale as your needs change.

If you are a start-up, you will be attracted to the ease of NetSuite and its ability to meet so many different business needs across various functions.

Product Features

Commerce/Distributor Software Integration

Integrate and push orders into NetSuite from your back office or replicated websites to take advantage of the functionality of a full-feature ERP, such as item commitments, split fulfillment and back order management. Sell between entities using transfer prices in various currencies, perform intercompany drop-ships from a geographically centralized 3PL, and track payments by various payment types accepted through the back office.


Use demand planning or simple replenishment plans to source your product from vendors. Send your suppliers purchase orders via email, mail, or EDI. Advanced functions like blanket purchase orders, quantity-based pricing, and vendor prepayments will mitigate the need for manual tracking.


Make use of bin management and handheld devices to manage your inventory within your warehouse. Receive, put-away, transfer, and pick your inventory more efficiently. Utilize the UPS, FedEx, or USPS integrations to manage shipping via the NetSuite interface. SuiteApps enhance shipping by adding rate shopping, LTL integrations, and other carriers.


If you have a light manufacturing environment or contract manufacturing arrangement, use work orders and assembly builds with options to backflush your raw materials and/or add per unit costs to your bill of materials.


Features like Group Average costing help even costing across warehouses within a single subsidiary. Configure fields and segmentation tracking on each transaction form to facilitate reporting, ease the process workflows, and prevent errors throughout each business process. Slice and dice financials by department, product class, market, or period with ease. Manage intercompany sales and eliminations easily and in a single system.

Enterprise System

Bring all of your subsidiaries into a single database to leverage a global chart of accounts, global inventory listing, and global vendors. There is no longer a need to manage 30 different inventory listings and 30 different chart of accounts in 30 different databases. All of your distinct general ledgers with distinct functional currencies can be managed in a single system with ability to filter, toggle, or consolidate on a whim. This is why direct selling companies are migrating to NetSuite.

NetSuite Benefits for Direct Selling


Shatter your limitations with the game-changing solution built specifically for distributors.


Meet your customers everywhere through the power of omnichannel commerce.


Leapfrog your competitors with technologies built for 21st century businesses.

One System

Manage all of your business processes, from marketing, selling and ordering to shipping, billing, cash management, general ledger, support, upselling and reordering.

Solutions to Fit Your Unique Selling Needs