Squire provides complete and personalized tax management and planning solutions to meet your needs.


Squire provides complete and personalized tax management and planning solutions to meet your needs.

Press Conference Recap | “Stay Safe to Stay Open” Statewide Van Tour Stops at Squire & Company Headquarters to Promote Campaign

Previously, Squire pledged to join the statewide initiative to Stay Safe to Stay Open. Showcasing our commitment to follow public health best practices to combat the spread of COVID-19, and by doing so, support businesses, increase consumer confidence and strengthen Utah’s economy. To promote the importance of this campaign, Squire hosted key members from the program, including Squire’s own Ray Chipman, in a press conference held at our Orem headquarters today to talk about the essential campaign.

The press conference is part of a statewide van tour for the Stay Safe to Stay Open campaign.

(A recording of the conference can be seen here.)

In the first few months of the program, thousands of businesses joined the cause and promised to take seven steps to protect themselves, their customers, and their employees. Now, in phase II, dozens of ambassadors are spreading awareness of the campaign with press conferences like this one.

The goal of phase II in the campaign is to reach every business in Utah, a difficult feat, but one we know will lead to the increased safety and stability of our local businesses.

At the event, Curtis Blair, President and CEO of the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, asked that businesses participating in the pledge showcase their participation by displaying the colorful Stay Safe to Stay Open signage in their windows and throughout their establishments. This will indicate the businesses support the program and share that they have taken the pledge to follow state guidelines.

Orem Mayor, Richard Brunst, encouraged local businesses to take the Stay Safe to Stay Open pledge if they haven’t already. He explained that the pledge messaging shows “our businesses are committed to protecting their customers, employees and staying open to keep our economy strong.”

Although we have already committed to the program, this conference created a platform for us to amplify the importance of this initiative and get more local businesses like ours involved in stopping the spread of coronavirus and boosting the state’s economy.

We hope that this initiative will continue to benefit and provide growth opportunities as Utah returns not to a new normal but a better normal.

Alex Goodman, a Stay Safe Brand Ambassador, shared with the press what businesses are agreeing to when they take the pledge. This is not only a commitment of the business owners but also a commitment for employees as well.

When businesses take the pledge, their team agrees to:

  1. Check symptoms before work and stay home when sick.
  2. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching our faces.
  3. Practice social distancing including wearing face coverings in close common areas.
  4. Learn about high-risk groups and help protect them.
  5. Cover our mouths when we cough or sneeze.
  6. Clean high touch surfaces frequently.
  7. Follow public health guidance as updated.

We are excited for this message to be spread throughout the state and to continue supporting the Stay Safe to Stay Open pledge. You can learn more about our pledge to this critical initiative here.