Expert Perspectives

Squire provides complete and personalized accounting solutions to meet your individual needs.

Expert Perspectives

Squire provides complete and personalized accounting solutions to meet your individual needs.

Introducing QuickBooks 2017

QuickBooks 2017 Introduction

QuickBooks 2017 was built with power users in mind.  These are users that spend hours everyday in QuickBooks Desktop and do certain tasks repeatedly.  These tasks include:

  • Creating and sending reports
  • looking up customer and vendor information
  • Dealing with bills and checks especially in Multi-User Mode
  • Coordinate working with multiple users in the same company file

QuickBooks 2017 is intended to help these customers in several  ways

  • Find information quickly with better search functionality
  • Up-leveling information within QuickBooks so it is easier to discover
  • Making reporting easier with enhanced reporting features
  • Improving the multi-user experience and requiring less switching to single-user mode

What’s New and Updated in QuickBooks 2017

  • Schedule reports
  • Find information quickly
  • Report customization improvements
  • Up-levelling information
  • Improved security
  • Compliant under the payment,
    payroll & taxation laws
  • Recurring payment improvements
  • Multi-User improvements
  • Enterprise quality improvements

Schedule Reports

  • Automate sending of reports via email

Find information quickly

  • Search as you type
  • In between amount search
  • Vendor/customer type

Reports Customization improvements

  • Show filters on reports
  • Enhanced selection of filter values

Up-levelling information

  • Remind users of un-deposited funds
  • Showing company file name in deposit summary
  • Cleared flag on CC charges


  • Show the deleted user in audit trail report
  • Copy Line/Paste Line in timesheets

High Resolution support

  • Make QB comfortable and delightful on higher resolution comp

Keeping Financial Data Safe and Secure

  • Improved Security ( Reinforced security features that were released for the previous versions, will also be available in QB2017.
  • QBDT Point of Sale EMV Compliance
  • IE11 will not be supported in QuickBooks 2017 (Only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates from MS since Beginning January 12, 2016
  • Multi-factor Authentication updates
  • Support .NET 4.6
  • Flash discontinued
  • Eliminated older OS (Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2011 which were not compatible with latest security standards).
  • Compliant under the payment, payroll & taxation laws

Keeping QuickBooks Stable and Bug Free

  • Recurring payment improvements
  • Multi-User improvements
  • Enterprise Quality Improvements
  • IDS Sunset

Specific QuickBooks 2017 Improvements

Multi-User Experience

A QuickBooks 2017 makes it easier than ever to work with multiple users. There are now fewer instances that require users to switch between Multi-User and Single-User mode. It also has a built in communication tool to make switching modes easier.  When you do need to switch modes, switching takes much less time.

Smart Search

Save time with faster searching.  Begin typing a name and QuickBooks automatically fills in the rest.  Memorizing account numbers can be a pain.  Now you won’t need to search the full chart of accounts to find that one client or memorize the exact name of every account or item.  Also, you can now search between values to find a transaction without having to remember the exact amount.

Report Filters

Now one click is all it takes to see which filters have been applied to a report.  Visible filters make it easy to reproduce memorized reports.  The new filter tool also provides you with an easy way to quickly toggle back and forth between reports.

Undeposited Funds Reminder

Clearly see what deposits require action. A new badge displays the number of pending deposits to be recorded.  Bringing this information to your home screen will help you avoid overstating income or making duplicate entries due to unrecorded deposits.

Deleted User Name Appear in Audit Trail

Track transactions by deleted users with better accuracy; show the name of the deleted user in the audit trail.  Now you can purge old employees from your company file without losing their transaction history.

Vendor and Customer Type Filter

QuickBooks now provides two more new filters in custom search – Customer Type/Vendor Type.  These filters will help you find the information you need faster and give you a new way to group and keep track of customers and vendors.

Cleared Flag on Credit Card Charges

QuickBooks Added a cleared flag to credit card charges to Easily see if a credit card charge is reconciled

Show Company File Name on Deposit Summaries

Print Company name on Deposit summary in consistent to other QuickBooks reports. Quickly see which company’s deposit summary you are looking at with the ability to print your company name on deposit summaries.

Copy & Paste in Time Sheets

Provide a menu item “Copy Line” to select the line and paste it into the another line. Save time when entering time sheet information by copying and pasting data from one line to the next

Automated Reports in Single User Mode

Save valuable time by having QuickBooks create and send reports to your team regularly.

QuickBooks Online

The ideal group for QuickBooks 2017 are customers who are on an older version of QuickBooks 2017 and looking to upgrade to a newer desktop software.  However, many customers – both new prospects and existing QBDT users – may actually be a better fit for QuickBooks Online. The benefits of QBO include:

  • Work from anywhere
  • Send invoices, receive payments, and run payroll right from your phone.
  • Capture receipts with your phone and attach them to QuickBooks transactions.
  • Your accountant can access your books remotely to answer questions, fix problems, and get you ready for tax time.
  • QuickBooks online does more work automatically
  • QuickBooks Online automatically downloads and categorizes bank and credit card  transactions.
  • Include a button in email invoices that allows your customers to pay you online with one click.
  • Customers may not be right for QBO if they need job costing, need progress invoicing, require customization for reports, invoices, and checks, or need multiple companies on one account.