Discover a single solution with Business Central

View your entire business and connect with your customers to make better and quicker decisions to ultimately improve your business and sales.

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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

View your entire business and connect with your customers to make better and quicker decisions to ultimately improve your business and sales.

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Business Central ERP

Operate your Entire Company from a Single Platform

Business Central Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers connection between accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, operations, and customer transactions. Business Central creates a comprehensive view of your company that enables you to prioritize, boost productivity, improve your services, make better decision and automate your processes. A solution made for small to medium size businesses.

Financial Management

Streamline and accelerate financial management processes with connecting accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer interactions all in one. Then gain real-time performance insights that will help you make better decisions. This system is comprised of many features, including; basic general ledger, budgets, fixed assets, cash flow forecasts, multiple currencies, audit trails, credit controls, consolidations, cost accounting, month/year end closing, bank reconciliation and more.

Supply Chain Management

Optimize your inventory levels with automated processes that will calculate stock levels, lead times, and reorder points and then recommend renewals and automatically generate purchase orders based off forecasts.

Warehouse Management

Obtain complete visibility into your inventory and performance with automated data capturing and fact-based inventory management. From basic to complex warehouse management, this program is adaptable and can grow with you into the future. Take advantage of its many capabilities including; bin locations based on capacity and storage, serial number and batch tracking, assembly management, cycle counting, quality inspection and more.

Project Management

Generate and oversee customer projects using timesheets and advanced job costing and then guarantee those projects profitability through the creation, use, and revision of budgets. With the key tools of capacity management, resource management, sales order management, and cost and price management working together, you can ensure accurate managing of resource levels to guarantee ideal outcomes.

Human Resource Management

Access all the primary functions of a human resource management system in Business Central. Manage and analyze employee’s skills and information with a holistic view as well as track and reimburse expenses from employee cards with the expense management tool.

Built-in CRM

Expediate the quote to cash process through the connection of sales and accounting functions. From inquires to orders to invoices, have complete access to all customer interactions within Outlook. Then take advantage of prompted suggestions for upsell, cross-sell and renewal opportunities.


Streamline production processes further with the many feature that this tool has to offer, including; sub-contracting management, scrap management, back and forward flushing, agile manufacturing, production scheduling, finite loading, capacity planning, supply planning, production bill of materials, demand forecasting and more.

Automation of order and replenish processes

Accelerate observations to actions through automation of manual processes. Through built-in intelligence, inventory levels, lead times, and reorder points will automatically be updated, times to replenish stock will be prompted and purchase orders will be created.

Artificial Intelligence

Rise to the next level in your ERP software with Artificial Intelligence. With features including, improving forecasts from sales to inventory, predicting late payments, and receiving answers to questions using natural language.