Squire & Company Announces New Leadership Opportunities for Four Tenured Partners

Squire, the state’s largest locally owned full-service accounting firm, today announced four of its tenured partners have been offered new leadership roles. Audit specialist Amanda Barrett-Brough and tax expert Brandon Allfrey have accepted the positions of Practice Area Leader over their respective areas of expertise for the entire firm. Also taking on new roles of leadership are Greg Hyde and Danny Barlow. Hyde will be Salt Lake City Tax Lead, reporting to Allfrey, and Barlow will be Salt Lake City Audit Lead, reporting to Barrett-Brough.  

The four partners have delivered a variety of practice specialty to Squire for a combined 69 years. Each will now dedicate their expertise as area leaders in their practice areas, strategically focused on growth opportunities, team development, and client service.

Transition in roles of leadership is encouraged at Squire for the purpose of bringing new perspective to the firm, fostering a culture of career growth opportunity, and remaining relevant for potential talent and client acquisition.

“Squire is fortunate to have a large pool of leadership talent,” said CEO Jonyce Bullock. “I consider it an honor and responsibility to provide opportunities for variety and advancement among some very capable individuals. The benefit beyond building an inspirational culture falls to our clients. Good leadership builds an organization that attracts the quality clients we wish to serve.”

Barrett-Brough, Allfrey, Barlow and Hyde are eager to embrace their new roles while continuing to serve their valuable clients in the same capacity they have the past several years.