The Squire & Company, PC staff works as your partner in efficiency and compliance.





Squire & Company, PC isn’t your typical auditing service. We’re partners in your success—combining friendly, accommodating service and valuable insight to:

  • Improve your business strategy
  • Better manage your information
  • Renovate your internal controls

As a result of our leading technology, audit procedures are completed quickly, with less disruption to your organization. It also allows for a smooth flow of financial information from trial balances into integrated financial statements and analytical review schedules. Financial statements and reports are prepared, reviewed and issued in a timely manner.

Whether you're a start-up or long-established company, we can provide you with a full range of assurance services, including:

  • Financial report preparation
  • Audits of historical financial statements
  • Prospective financial presentations
  • Special attestation report production


Squire will review your financial statements by making inquiries and performing analytical procedures necessary to express limited assurance on your financial statements.


From information provided by you, Squire will prepare financial statements that can be used by you. Our experience with you and our understanding of your business and industry will ensure that your financial statements provide meaningful information to you and other users of your financial statements. Using advanced analytical tools, we’ll compare your current financial position with prior periods to gauge progress, or with the financial information of similar organizations to provide insight into your competitive position.

The findings are incorporated into a comprehensive management report, which includes other observations and suggestions noted during the course of the audit.

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