How companies can supplement their retirement benefits

March 14th, 2017  // News

Companies can offer a number of other retirement features and plans in addition to traditional 401(k)s. Here's a look at four such plans and services that may be popular with employees. Read more

A quiz to test retirement knowledge

March 13th, 2017  // News

A Fidelity Investments quiz on retirement readiness tests people's knowledge about how long their savings need to last and other topics. Read more

How to prepare for a phased retirement

March 10th, 2017  // News

Many pre-retirees say they want to work part time in retirement or alternate between work and leisure, according to one study. Here are five ways for workers to prepare for this type of phased retirement, beginning with researching their options. Read more

How CPA firms are evolving to meet millennials’ desires

March 9th, 2017  // News

Younger professionals want flexibility and trust from their managers. Here's how firms are meeting those demands. Read more

How to help employees manage workplace stress

March 8th, 2017  // News

Understanding the stresses your employees face is the first step to preventing employee burnout. Taking steps to reduce stress in the workplace and giving employees more autonomy can help. Read more

House Republicans reveal health care overhaul bill

March 7th, 2017  // News

House Republicans have made public a bill that would repeal the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate. The bill, which would provide refundable tax credits to help people buy insurance, would attempt to maintain protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Read more

2016 saw big drop in income tax audits

March 6th, 2017  // News

The Internal Revenue Service audited a little more than 1 million people last year, marking the sixth straight year the number has fallen. The agency has lost employees in recent years as its budget has decreased. Read more

More workers switching jobs in tight labor market

March 3rd, 2017  // News

More Americans have switched jobs recently than in the last few years, with around half a million people moving from one job to another in the fourth quarter. Some workers are moving to different jobs within the same industry, but a significant number are moving into new sectors. Read more

Dow sets record as it passes 21,000 mark

March 2nd, 2017  // News

The Dow Jones industrial average has continued its monthslong rally, surging past a high of 21,000 and recording its fastest ever 1,000-point rise, which took just 24 trading sessions. Read more

How to tell when employees are ready for promotion

March 1st, 2017  // News

Promoting an employee too early may leave them unprepared for the job at hand, while waiting too long can cause other problems. This article looks at eight indications an employee is ready for a promotion. Read more

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