Yellen says December rate hike “could be appropriate”

November 5th, 2015  // News

A mid-December decision to increase interest rates "could be appropriate" if economic growth holds up, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen told the House Financial Services Committee. She stressed that no decision had been made. Read more

Fed’s top 3 could reinforce possibility of rate boost in December

November 4th, 2015  // News

The top three policymakers at the US Federal Reserve are scheduled to speak today, and they could use the opportunity to reinforce expectations of an interest-rate boost next month. Read more

Lack of understanding leads consumers to choose the wrong health plans

November 3rd, 2015  // News

Consumers with the lowest levels of understanding about how health insurance works are the least likely to choose the most appropriate plan for their circumstances, and many consumers have trouble making cost-effective selections, studies have shown. Read more

Employee wellness programs concern some critics

November 2nd, 2015  // News

Although still in the minority, some companies are penalizing employees who don't participate in wellness programs by levying surcharges on them. Critics have raised concerns about data privacy and the fact that some wellness vendors perform more screenings than medical groups recommend. Read more

US posts 1.5% economic growth for Q3

October 30th, 2015  // News

Gross domestic product rose an annualized 1.5% in the third quarter, after climbing 3.9% in Q2, according to the Commerce Department. Economists expect growth to accelerate this quarter, attributing Q3's slowdown to a temporary glut in inventory. Read more

Fed holds rates, signals potential increase in December

October 29th, 2015  // News

The Federal Reserve has left interest rates unchanged but says it will consider an increase at December's meeting. The Federal Open Market Committee has dropped a warning that global financial and economic developments might "restrain economic activity somewhat." Read more

A closer look at the proposed budget deal

October 28th, 2015  // News

The budget deal forged between the White House and congressional leaders includes a number of policy changes that would affect businesses and individuals. Among other things, the bill would seek to prevent a cut in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, limit a hike in Medicare premiums and make it easier for the IRS to audit large partnerships. Read more

White House, Congress reach tentative debt-limit deal

October 27th, 2015  // News

The White House has reached a tentative agreement with congressional leaders to suspend the debt limit until March 2017. The deal includes a two-year budget plan that would increase spending by $80 billion through September 2017. The House could vote Wednesday on the deal, which would also need Senate approval. Read more

Large companies could post declines in profit, revenue

October 26th, 2015  // News

Large businesses could experience declines in profit and revenue for the first time since the end of the recession. Analysts predict a 2.8% decline in per-share earnings from the third quarter of last year, and sales are on track to drop 4%. Read more

Key US unemployment benchmark falls

October 23rd, 2015  // News

The four-week rolling average of initial unemployment claims in the US has dropped to 263,250, the lowest since December 1973, the Labor Department said. The four-week figure is widely viewed as giving a better picture of labor-market conditions than the weekly totals because it smooths out week-to-week volatility. Read more

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