Where Americans face the highest taxes

April 18th, 2016  // News

Tax burdens for individuals vary by state. The state tax burden is relatively low in Louisiana, for example, while residents of New Jersey and Connecticut face some of the highest tax burdens per capita, according to the Tax Foundation. Americans will pay $5 trillion in local, state and federal taxes this year, the group predicts. Read more

How CFOs, CIOs can collaborate for better results

April 15th, 2016  // News

A shifting IT landscape, the growth of data analytics and the continued emergence of cloud technology are forcing chief information officers and CFOs to collaborate more closely than in the past. However, many CEOs think finance departments could do a better job of managing technology, research shows. Learn how CFOs and CIOs can work together effectively. Read more

New tax rules have far-reaching effects for corporate finance

April 14th, 2016  // News

Corporate tax rules issued by the Treasury Department last week addressing internal company debt and equity will have a surprisingly wide impact on corporate finance operations, including internal finance strategies, lawyers say. Read more

How to design a satisfying employee experience with technology

April 13th, 2016  // News

Employees may get frustrated by the complex and clunky technology they must use every day to do their jobs. Tips for simplifying the experience include limiting the number of platforms and focusing on essential tools and processes. Read more

Spring pickup in US economy expected to be feebler this year

April 12th, 2016  // News

US economic growth picked up smartly in the second quarter of the past two years after dull first quarters, but this year's gain isn't expected to be as great. Business investment plans are not as robust this year due to lagging earnings, and little help beyond US borders is expected as the global economy weakens. Read more

Finance and accounting salaries remain on the rise

April 11th, 2016  // News

Finance and accounting employees in the US can expect base pay raises of an average of 3%, according to a new salary guide. Learn more about what employers can do to find and retain skilled professionals in an environment that is favorable to job seekers. Read more

US household borrowing rose $17.2B in February

April 8th, 2016  // News

Household borrowing in the US rose $17.2 billion in February, according to the Federal Reserve. Non-revolving credit was up $14.3 billion, and revolving credit jumped $2.9 billion. Read more

Fed minutes show caution about idea of April rate hike

April 7th, 2016  // News

Minutes from the Federal Reserve's March meeting suggest a number of officials are wary of raising interest rates this month. "Several expressed the view that a cautious approach to raising rates would be prudent or noted their concern that raising the target range as soon as April would signal a sense of urgency they did not think appropriate," the minutes say. However, "some" officials appeared to support a hike. Read more

US trade gap grows

April 6th, 2016  // News

The US trade deficit widened 2.6% in February to $47.1 billion, its highest point in six months. The value of imports reached $225.1 billion for the month, up from January's tally of $222.2 billion. Read more

Orders drop for US factory goods

April 5th, 2016  // News

Orders received by US factories declined 1.7% in February, marking the third drop in four months, the Commerce Department said. Orders for oilfield, gas-field and mining equipment dropped 20.1%; civilian aircraft fell 27.2%; and military aircraft fell 28%. Read more

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