The new tax law raised your paycheck — here’s how to handle the extra money

February 28th, 2018  // News

Federal tax rates went into effect this month, but some people may want to pretend they didn’t. Read more

IRS Wants to Tax Your Bitcoin Gains: Orders Coinbase to Hand Over User Data

February 27th, 2018  // News

Looks like the Internal Revenue Service stepped up its tax-collecting efforts after learning that most people are not reporting their bitcoin gains on their tax returns. Read more

The 6 best ways to use your tax refund

February 22nd, 2018  // News

The big question is what will you do with Uncle Sam's check? Here are six possibilities. Read more

10 Questions to Ask a Tax Professional About the New Tax Law

February 21st, 2018  // News

There are lots of changes in the new tax law. Here's what you might want to discuss with your tax preparer. Read more

Here’s why you should prepare your taxes now

February 20th, 2018  // News

Many Americans tend to wait until the last minute to file, with one in seven taxpayers holding off until the last week to send their returns to the IRS. But there are some risks with waiting until the last minute. Read more

Is It Time to Hire a CPA?

February 16th, 2018  // News

Taxes are an unavoidable reality for small businesses. How you choose to handle your taxes, however, can vary based on your business's structure, size and needs. Read more

Tax Facts Mixed With IRS Tax Fiction You Need To Know For The 2018 Tax Season

February 15th, 2018  // News

Before all is said and done, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) anticipates processing nearly 155 million individual taxpayer returns. Read more

Self-Employed? Don’t Forget About the Estimated Tax Deadline

June 9th, 2017  // News

Perhaps you’ve taken the plunge into self-employment. Congrats on being your own boss! Whether you’re working as a contractor or making money in the fast-growing sharing economy, don’t forget you may need to pay estimated taxes. The upcoming second quarter estimated tax deadline for 2017 is June 15, 2017. Are you prepared? If not, don’t worry! Read more

Are you self-employed for the summer?

June 6th, 2017  // News

Ah, summer – the time of year when young adults become entrepreneurs. Whether it’s a summer job or a part-time gig, by the time high school and college role around, many young adults can be considered self-employed. If that’s you, or someone you know, here are a few helpful tips to help you navigate your tax situation. Read more

Do you have a student loan? Here are a few things to consider

June 1st, 2017  // News

Whether the speaker at your college graduation is the Apple chief executive Tim Cook (M.I.T.) or the actress Eva Longoria (Knox College), the event signals the end of your undergraduate career — and moves you that much closer to having to repay your student loans. Read more

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