Young CPAs recommend their 5 top podcasts

October 24th, 2016  // News

It's never been so easy to be educated and inspired, given today's abundance of digital information. Young CPAs can watch TED talks or other videos, converse with colleagues online and read enlightening articles on numerous websites. Many also find valuable information in podcasts, digital audio files that they can listen to in the car, at the gym, at home or almost anywhere. Read more

7 tips for proactive networking

October 21st, 2016  // News

Everyone you know can be a potentially useful contact as you search for job opportunities. Rate the value of each contact so you can prioritize who you are going to approach, then try to connect with at least five people a week. Read more

How to manage third-party risk

October 20th, 2016  // News

Experts advise companies to set protocols for all workers related to data security and to pay particular attention to the duties and access of third-party workers. Read more

Social Security COLA is 0.3% for 2017

October 19th, 2016  // News

The 2017 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment is 0.3%, amounting to a $5 per month increase for the average retiree. For many beneficiaries, the increase could be eaten up by higher Medicare Part B premiums. Read more

How challenges lead to innovation

October 18th, 2016  // News

A sense of challenge is key for cultivating innovation in the workplace, research shows. Here are three factors to remember for creating the kind of challenging atmosphere that gets the best results. Read more

Strategies for combating payroll fraud

October 17th, 2016  // News Read more

Treasury issues final earnings stripping rules

October 14th, 2016  // News

The US Treasury Department has issued final rules to prevent businesses from using intercompany interest payments to avoid taxes. The rules include exemptions that the business community wanted, such as allowing some transactions among foreign subsidiaries of US companies and permitting cash pooling, a cash-management technique. Read more

What large firms expect from new accounting grads

October 13th, 2016  // News

Recruiters from large firms, including the Big Four, reveal what skills and competencies they look for in new hires. Read more

What to know about the new CPA Exam

October 12th, 2016  // News

From blueprints to changes in question weighting and exam time, there's plenty to learn. Read more

How to build trust and collaboration

October 10th, 2016  // News Read more

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