Tips to help ease the rush of your next busy season

November 8th, 2016  // News

Good planning is essential to keeping the stress of the tax rush from overwhelming your firm. Examine your clients, work schedules, delegation and more. Read more

Taxes remove incentive to work for some retirees

November 7th, 2016  // News

High taxation is a serious disincentive for retirees considering taking a part-time job to boost income. For example, retirees who have claimed Social Security early may face a 50% marginal tax rate on additional income. Read more

Us gained 161,000 jobs last month

November 4th, 2016  // News

US employers added 161,000 jobs in October as the unemployment rate edged down to 4.9%. The Labor Department report also showed an increase in wages, and the numbers could bolster the case for an interest-rate increase by the Federal Reserve. Read more

5 essential controls for charities during the holiday giving season

November 3rd, 2016  // News

The unofficial kickoff of the charitable giving season takes place on Giving Tuesday -- the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the US. Not-for-profit organizations can take steps to protect themselves and ensure that the influx of contributions they receive this holiday season end up supporting programs and not lining the pockets of a fraudster. Read more

3 tips for better strategic thinking

November 2nd, 2016  // News

Many leaders don't know where to begin when it comes to strategic thinking. This article offers three tips to focus your efforts, beginning with identifying the strategic aspects of your position. Read more

How to defuse political debates at work

November 1st, 2016  // News

Talk around office water coolers may get out of hand with a highly polarizing election only a week away. This article outlines strategies to help cool down heated political discussions at work. Read more

5 scary tax characters to watch out for

October 31st, 2016  // News

Demons and witches are scary, but the Creatures from Schedule C and the Overstatement Ogre can be downright terrifying, especially if they generate a notice from the Internal Revenue Service. Not sure who they are? Read on, if you dare. Read more

The psychological factor that keeps people from saving

October 28th, 2016  // News

It is difficult for many people to connect their future selves and needs to their current situation, according to research from Prudential Retirement. This "longevity disconnect bias" can prevent people from finding the motivation to save for retirement. Read more

Tap into the power of positive feedback

October 26th, 2016  // News

Employees who receive recognition for their work are more engaged than those who do not, research shows. Start creating a culture of positivity by making a list of the good things your direct reports are doing and taking time to offer specific praise. Read more

Using unique wellness perks to keep employees happy

October 25th, 2016  // News

Companies that offer unique wellness benefits include BASF, which has an on-site nursery to help employees who need child care; JPMorgan Chase, which offers autism coverage benefits; and Netflix, which provides a year of paid time off for new parents. Read more

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