How to address common concerns about retirement

December 20th, 2016  // News

Some American workers are worried about their financial security in retirement, according to a Transamerica survey. This article looks at five common fears involving retirement and how they can be addressed. Read more

3 tips for effectively managing remote teams

December 19th, 2016  // News

It's easy for remote staff to feel disconnected from the organization, especially if they work in a different region or country. Leaders from Merck, Johnson & Johnson and Bose, among others, share insights on the management skills needed to effectively engage an increasingly remote and diverse workforce. Read more

How to turn off Excel’s AutoFormat feature

December 16th, 2016  // News

Microsoft Excel's AutoFormat behavior can be controlled with a few different options. Read more

Fed raises main rate, signals more hikes to come

December 15th, 2016  // News

The Federal Reserve has raised its key interest rate to between 0.5% and 0.75%, responding to a growing economy and a strengthening labor market. The increase is only the second since 2008, but the central bank has signaled that the pace will pick up in 2017. Read more

5 things you should never say to millennials

December 15th, 2016  // News

Want to engage your best and brightest young talent? You can't do that if you push them away with poorly chosen words. This article provides a guide to some thoughts best left unsaid. Read more

What bosses mean when they say these common phrases

December 14th, 2016  // News

How should you respond if your boss asks if you are busy? This article can help you make sense of eight common phrases you are likely to hear from your manager. Read more

What’s your fraud IQ?

December 13th, 2016  // News

Increased anti-corruption regulation and enforcement have made bribery and corruption a growing risk to organizations. Take this quiz and find out if you are prepared to help your organization guard against bribery and corruption. Read more

7 best corporate gifting practices for the holidays

December 12th, 2016  // News

With the holidays approaching, businesses should consider implementing gifting policies regardless of company size. For those with a policy in place, this is the time to remind employees of best corporate gifting practices. Read more

How visionary leaders move companies forward

December 9th, 2016  // News

Innovative leaders are able to help their teams glimpse into the future. Their visions resonate with people because they are clear, memorable and based on winning concepts. Read more

How to hold a tax-deductible holiday party

December 8th, 2016  // News

A holiday party can be tax-deductible for your business as long as it is not overly extravagant. Here are a number of tips for managing financial matters, making employees feel included and addressing other issues as you plan your party. Read more

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