Squire offers a robust group of advisors who support manufacturers facing challenges similar to yours.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Squire’s advisors in manufacturing and distribution offer robust experience supporting businesses facing challenges similar to yours.

“Because of our industry focus, our resources are uniquely aligned to (1) understand the challenges you face in your business environment and (2) provide relevant solutions that are cohesive across your organization.

For example, when enhancing a production process, your workflow is as important as the technology supporting it. And no longer can an organization consider solutions in silos. Your ROI is optimized when your solution is holistic, allowing a seamless process and data flow from your sales and supply chain functions to purchasing, production, fulfillment and asset management. Additionally, the scalability and automation of these solutions will directly affect your ability to keep up with growth.

Our advisors will provide a road map to help navigate through these challenges.
Common Challenges for Manufacturers
• Capturing accurate product costing and profitability measures
• Achieving an informed and integrated quoting process
• Improving performance and operational effectiveness
• Establishing a succession or exit plan
• Managing costs and increasing asset ROI
• Successfully navigating through a merger or acquisition
• Meaningful reporting and effective data management
• Complying with regulatory and reporting requirements

Company types that we support:

  • Consumer product manufacturers
  • Composite and metal fabricators
  • Chemical and agricultural producers
  • Job order production manufacturers
  • Distribution companies

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