Squire is founded on core principles that drive us towards excellence. We invite candidates with the same passion to be part of a growing and dynamic firm.

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Squire is founded on core principles that drive us towards excellence. We invite candidates with the same passion to be part of a growing and dynamic firm.

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Personnel Testimonials

  • Brandon Allfrey

    I stay in regular contact with my clients. I’m always available to answer questions, address concerns and give valuable, relevant feedback.

    I meet personally with my clients to understand their objectives and give valuable and relevant recommendations on how to meet and exceed their goals.

    We’re like a big family. We enjoy working together. It’s nice to be able to depend on your colleagues for reliably great work and advice. The people at Squire are incredibly smart and great to work with

    Squire’s different from other companies. We emphasize a personal touch; we understand who each client is and what they want. Our breadth of services ensures you can get everything you need, right here in one office.

    The most common thing I hear from our clients is a sincere thank you for helping to make a contribution to their success.

    Squire & Company, PC clients are great to work with. They come willing to listen to our ideas for improving their business, and trust us to recommend what’s right for their companies in the long run.

    It’s nice to get to know our customers and become an integral part of what they do. We work as partners to create solutions and recommendations for their business.

  • Amanda Barrett-Brough

    I love our clients – they are one of the best parts about working at Squire & Company, PC. They’re professional and fun, and they see us as true partners in the success of their business.

    The projects I work on are challenging, and that makes my job fun. I work with clients who I respect and literally become a trusted part of their business recommending solutions and changes that can impact their bottom line.

    The biggest gift I can give to a client is to exceed their expectations. My job requires timely delivery of relevant solutions, and excellent customer service. It’s the way we do things at Squire & Company, PC.

    I think we provide a unique service. Our clients need a CPA to come identify strengths and weaknesses in their business, and they can trust us to provide objective solutions based on years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

    The people at Squire & Company, PC work hard, but they also know how to have fun. They bring smiles and professionalism to projects, and that makes this a great team to be part of.

    I would hope the types of relationships we have with our clients stand out as unique in this industry. It’s not all suits and ties. We are effective professionals but we have fun with our clients, as well. It’s a personal touch that keeps customers coming back.

    I think my clients say great things about Squire & Company, PC. They love what we do for them in regard to business services, and they get the personal attention they deserve.

  • Megan Bronson

    I really like that our clients understand the unique value in our services. We’re seen as leaders in the field, and the people and businesses we help take our advice seriously.

    I love the variety in my job, and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping clients in different ways. At the end of the day, I feel a sense of completion because I impact the lives of others.

    The biggest thing I can do for my clients is bring confidence and trust to their finances. They count on me to be their partner in financial health.

    My job is to relieve burdens. I work with people, offer solutions and help them do things more efficiently so they can feel confident about their processes and financial health.

    We’re not your typical accounting firm: nerdy guys sitting around with calculators. We like what we do, and we’re good at it, but we also like to have fun. We enjoy spending time together and working as a team to serve our clients. It’s not just every man for himself.

    Anyone who understands the value of what we provide is constantly thanking us for what we do.

  • Ray Chipman

    The people at Squire & Company, PC are a pleasure to work with- they are the best part of my job. I also enjoy working with clients as a partner in the achievement of their financial goals.

    The most important thing we can do to impact your business is to deliver results on time. We meet your expectations and prove the value in our services: accelerated time frames and incredible results at a fair price.

    We’re locally owned, so you get all the benefits of your neighborhood accountant and all the advantages that come from a large accounting firm. We are partners in the success of our clients, and we help them with all their financial needs on a very personal level.

    Our clients agree that we have great people. It’s our resources that set us apart: both personnel and technology.

  • Reuben Cook

    I like that our clients see us as trusted partners in their success. They’re willing to bring us into their business-building processes and appreciate the important recommendations we make.

    The best part about my job is working across various industries and using that broad knowledge to help clients achieve their objectives. It’s satisfying to learn about services and strategies specific to a business in an effort to find the right tools, methodology, and set of resources that will enhance their success.

    The most important thing we do? Helping people and businesses achieve their goals of financial health and increased quality of life. We help clients develop and implement strategies for achieving personal and professional objectives.

    Squire brings to the table a set of tools and proven methodologies our clients can utilize to achieve their goals. We offer them an independent perspective built on a collection of knowledge.

    I work with a great group of professional, friendly people who can offer a range of solutions to our clients. They maintain a level of integrity in everything they do, and our clients appreciate that.

    Squire has a unique offering: We’re a single-source solution. A one-stop shop, if you will. Clients can have one point of contact and get all their needs met, from audit and tax to technology and business consulting.

    I hear clients say they feel we’re partners in achieving their goals… that we’re easy to work with, and that we consistently deliver. Clients trust us to tackle their business needs.