Women Improving Professionally


Our mission is to provide activities and programs that will help to empower women to fulfill their professional ambitions by creating opportunities for leadership and growth through connections, advocacy, mentor-ship, education and support.


Even though women comprise more than 50% of the US labor force, women hold only 19% of partner positions nationally within CPA firms. In Utah, women make up 44% of the labor force and hold only 4% of leadership positions in the finance industry (which includes CPA

With these statistics in mind, Squire’s leadership was determined to become part of the solution.

In 2014, the WIP Group at Squire started to take shape. A committee of four female employees and two partners began the journey to organize and establish a women’s program at Squire, which we refer to as “Women Improving Professionally” or “WIP”.

Through our research we learned women generally face more barriers as they develop in their careers. These barriers may be cultural, self-imposed or part of the nature of an organization.

Squire recognizes the importance of providing resources to its female employees to enable them to identify and remove any and all barriers that prevent them from having the chance to fulfill their professional ambitions – whatever those ambitions may be


This year Squire is proud to announce we teamed up with The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) and took the ElevateHER™ Challenge to elevate women in our company!

The Challenge encourages companies and organizations to focus on creating internal change in at least one of six areas: 

  1. Increase the percentage of women in senior leadership positions.
  2. Increase the retention rate of women at all levels of your organization.
  3. Increase the number of women on your board of directors.
  4. Monitor pay by gender and close identified gaps.
  5. Establish a leadership development, mentoring and/or sponsorship programs for women.
  6. Recruit women to run for public office.
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