Treasury issues final earnings stripping rules

October 14th, 2016  // News

The US Treasury Department has issued final rules to prevent businesses from using intercompany interest payments to avoid taxes. The rules include exemptions that the business community wanted, such as allowing some transactions among foreign subsidiaries of US companies and permitting cash pooling, a cash-management technique. Read more

What large firms expect from new accounting grads

October 13th, 2016  // News

Recruiters from large firms, including the Big Four, reveal what skills and competencies they look for in new hires. Read more

What to know about the new CPA Exam

October 12th, 2016  // News

From blueprints to changes in question weighting and exam time, there's plenty to learn. Read more

How to build trust and collaboration

October 10th, 2016  // News Read more

US economy added 156,000 jobs last month

October 7th, 2016  // News

The US economy added 156,000 jobs in September, a decline from 167,000 in August, according to the Labor Department. The unemployment rate edged up to 5% as the labor participation rate also increased. Read more

Americans’ biggest retirement fear: Running out of money

October 6th, 2016  // News

CPA financial planners report that their clients' greatest fear about retirement is running out of money, an AICPA survey finds. Clients who have been retired for 10 years or more are most concerned about illnesses, including dementia and diminished capacity. Just 18% of financial planners say their clients are proactively planning for diminished capacity in retirement. Read more

Top considerations for 2016 audit cycle

October 5th, 2016  // News

Areas of high attention for auditors during the 2016 audit cycle will include a new standard on naming the engagement partner as well as internal control over financial reporting. Key considerations for auditors in general and auditors of brokers and dealers are discussed in two new publications by the Center for Audit Quality. Read more

Turning a classic networking tactic into a job lead

October 4th, 2016  // News

Young professionals looking for career development opportunities are reviving the informational interview, a classic networking tactic that fell out of favor with the rise of digital research tools. Read more

4 strategies for curtailing insider fraud

October 3rd, 2016  // News

Insider fraud can inflict great harm on companies and other organizations. A panel of experts offers advice on how to lower your risk of becoming a fraud victim. Read more

Millennials are the most confident investors, survey shows

September 30th, 2016  // News

Millennial investors have more faith than members of other generations in US and overseas markets, US public companies and audited financial information, a new survey shows. Confidence among investors in general is up over 2015. Read more

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