Companies strive to attract top talent with perks

May 25th, 2016  // News

Companies seeking to recruit and retain employees with valuable skills are upping the ante with a number of perks. Recent examples include one company that will lease Tesla Model 3s for its employees and another that will help workers pay wedding expenses. Other businesses are helping workers pay off their student loans. Read more

First 5 years of retirement can have crucial effect on a portfolio

May 24th, 2016  // News

A Prudential analysis of retirement portfolios found that they can be profoundly affected by market returns in the years immediately before and after retirement begins. The 10 years leading up to and after retirement are risky if a portfolio performs poorly, according to Prudential, and the first five years of retirement are the riskiest. Scaling back risk before retirement may be a wise move. Read more

Is work-life balance a myth?

May 23rd, 2016  // News

After losing her husband, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, author of "Lean In," noted recently how hard it can be to get ahead at work while being "overwhelmed at home." Women are now expected to be fully engaged both at work and at home, which presents them with a difficult dilemma. Read more

Make a big impact in your first year on the job

May 20th, 2016  // News

You just landed the job you've craved, and you're eager to impress your new employer. Here's how to make a positive impression that will lead to a stellar performance evaluation in your first yearly review. Read more

Rate hike possible in June, Fed minutes show

May 19th, 2016  // News

The Federal Reserve stands a good chance of raising interest rates in June, according to minutes from April's meeting. Most policymakers said they wanted to see improving economic indicators before acting. "Then it likely would be appropriate for the committee to increase the target range for the federal funds rate in June," the minutes state. Read more

Millions more Americans to qualify for overtime pay

May 18th, 2016  // News

The Obama administration is set to make public an overtime rule for middle-income employees that the Labor Department says will increase the pay of 4.2 million workers. The updated rule makes full-time salaried employees earning up to $47,476 a year eligible for overtime. The prior threshold was $23,660. Read more

Some companies use big data to boost compliance

May 17th, 2016  // News

While major corporations including General Electric are using big data to better manage compliance tasks, many companies have yet to harness it, and only about one-quarter are actually doing something meaningful with it, said Bob Rogers, chief data scientist for Intel. Read more

Why references are becoming more important for job seekers

May 16th, 2016  // News

Potential employers are increasingly relying on references and, in some cases, using technology to allow them to give confidential feedback. This article offers tips for job seekers to cultivate and make the most of their references. Read more

Why companies should prioritize cash flow over cost reduction

May 13th, 2016  // News

For struggling companies, it may be better to boost cash flow rather than push for discounts from suppliers to reduce costs. Creating strategic supplier relationships and addressing issues across the supply chain in real time can help to improve cash flow. Read more

Long job tenures common among baby boomers, survey finds

May 12th, 2016  // News

Forty-one percent of employed workers have spent 20 years with the same company, according to a survey of Americans who are at least 50 years old. Eighteen percent had been with the same employer for 30 years. Younger generations might not experience the same lengthy job tenures. Read more

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