5 tax tips for the newly engaged couple and their CPA

May 21st, 2018  // News

Couples may think it’s silly — or even awkward — to think about taxes just after getting engaged, but a financial head start could do wonders for a marriage. Read more

IRS Warns About Fake Form Scam

May 10th, 2018  // News

Squire & Company, PC Published by Kenzie Lott · 11 mins · Remember that versions of the scam may continue to evolve - they've done so for years. When in doubt, assume it's a scam. Read more

The TCJA Has Replaced The 1986 Tax Act, But Is It Tax Reform?

May 9th, 2018  // News

Remember, even if the efficiency gains are real, there is more to tax reform than improved economic efficiency. Read more

Today is Tax Day. How to deal if you still haven’t filed

April 17th, 2018  // News

Even if you push your filing to Oct. 15, you still need to pay any taxes owed by April 17. Read more

5 tips to get your taxes done in crunch time

April 16th, 2018  // News

Whether you’ve procrastinated or just enjoy rushing everything for some reason, the procrastination gods are smiling upon you in 2018, and taxes aren’t due until Tuesday. Read more

Your Last-Minute Tax Questions, Answered

April 12th, 2018  // News

If you don't submit your return by this year's April 17 deadline and you don't owe the IRS money, then being late won't impact you negatively other than perhaps delay any refund you're entitled to. Read more

Tax Preparation Checklist: Lessons from Your 2017 Tax Return

April 11th, 2018  // News

Before you put away your tax forms and documents, take a moment to analyze last year's finances and plan for the year ahead. Read more

Tax procrastination: 5 last-minute tips for your upcoming return

April 10th, 2018  // News

Filing taxes can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Leave enough time to complete that return before the deadline. Read more

5 Tax Tips For Millennials – And Others Who Want Lower Taxes

April 9th, 2018  // News

While the government doesn't make it easy, I can offer a few tips—especially for younger workers—that can help reduce that tax amount payable to Uncle Sam. Read more

8 Tax Tips My Clients Taught Me

April 9th, 2018  // News

As we close in on the last couple weeks of the first filing deadline, I wanted to highlight eight tax insights that came from working with my clients. Read more

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