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Global M&A transactions could hit a record this year

August 12th, 2015  // News

Global mergers and acquisitions are on track to reach a record $4.58 trillion this year, according to Dealogic. The trend may be driven by factors such as limited revenue growth at big companies and the expectation of higher interest rates in the future. Read more

Hiring at public accounting firms hits all-time high

August 10th, 2015  // News

Enrollment in accounting programs and hiring of new graduates by accounting firms are at all-time highs. Master's degrees are taking off, too, and firms will need to get creative in their pursuit of in-demand talent. Read more

U.S. companies added 215,000 jobs last month

August 7th, 2015  // News

The U.S. economy added 215,000 jobs in July, keeping the unemployment rate unchanged at 5.3% from June, according to the Department of Labor. Economists surveyed by Reuters had forecast that 223,000 jobs would be added. Read more

Rising dollar drives up U.S. trade deficit

August 6th, 2015  // News

The U.S. trade deficit rose 7.1% to $43.8 billion in June, the biggest total in three months, as the strengthening U.S. dollar made imports cheaper for domestic buyers and exports more expensive for trading partners. Faltering global economic growth was also a factor holding down exports. Read more

U.S. factory orders pick up in June

August 5th, 2015  // News

U.S. factory orders bounced back with a 1.8% gain in June after May's decline. The gain came despite lagging exports due to the strong dollar, but analysts said substantial improvement remains elusive. Nonetheless, June's report adds to data pointing to a recovering economy and a possible upward revision of second-quarter gross domestic product growth. Read more

Four in 5 Americans carry debt

August 4th, 2015  // News

Americans' median debt load is $67,900, and mortgages are a major contributor to that figure, according to a Pew Charitable Trusts report. Millennials, however, are more likely to have student loan debt and car loans than they are to have mortgage debt. Overall, 80% of Americans have debt. Read more

Pay for U.S. workers rises at slowest rate in 33 years

August 3rd, 2015  // News

Wages and benefits paid by U.S. employers this spring rose at the slowest pace since the second quarter of 1982, the Labor Department said. The employment cost index, which tracks salaries, wages and benefits, gained 0.2% in Q2, compared with a 0.7% gain in Q1 Read more

Highway funding bill changes tax return due dates

July 31st, 2015  // News

The federal highway funding extension bill passed by Congress contains several tax provisions, including changing the due dates for partnership and corporate tax returns, a provision the AICPA has long advocated. Other changes affect mortgage interest statements, basis of inherited assets and the six-year statute of limitation. Read more

U.S. is closing in on debt limit, Lew warns

July 30th, 2015  // News

Economic uncertainty underscores a need to raise the U.S. debt limit, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says in a letter to Congress. The government can probably meet financial obligations until Oct. 30 by continuing "extraordinary measures" implemented in March, Lew says. Read more

Global imbalances limit world growth, IMF says

July 29th, 2015  // News

Limited domestic demand in countries with large current-account surpluses such as Germany and China is an obstacle to global economic growth, according to the International Monetary Fund. The major forces driving global imbalances are China's current-account surplus and the U.S. deficit. Read more

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