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The Trusted Advisor to the Energy and Mining Industries

Squire & Company, PC (Squire) has teamed with Carriere Resources, Inc. to provide you a robust group of trusted advisors and accountants in the energy and mining industries.  We deliver results through our expertise in strategic design, operational and process improvement, accounting, finance and analysis, mine engineering, compliance, and technology.

Our industry focus uniquely aligns us to provide you relevant solutions from a resource that understands the challenges you face in your business environment.


Providing Solutions

We know how improtant your business relationships are to your success today and throughout the future of your company.  Your stakholders appreciate reliable, consistent results.  Yet as the industry and economy adapts, new challenges, both external and internal, are introduced.  Answers to these challenges are diverse and complex, but those who adapt, find the most success.

Common Challenges

  • Improving performance and operational effectiveness
  • Managing costs and increasing project ROI
  • Successfully navigating through a merger, asquisition, or other businss transaction
  • Meaningful reporting and effective data management
  • Complying with regulatory and reporting requirements

We proactively provide innovative solutions and knowledge to help our clients set and meet their goals.  Our advisors and accountants provide independent insight, establish accountability structures to ensure discipline in the execution of strategic and tactical plans, and deliver results that impact profitability, preserve success, and relieve business pains.

Core Services

  •  Performance Improvement:  Operational Audit, Procurement Examination, Quoting Improvement, KPI Reporting, Sourcing and Shared Services 
  • Transaction Support:  Due Diligience, Prepare for Sale Support, Operational Partner Relationship
  • Capital Project Management:  Capital Budget Analyses, Project Monitoring
  • Management Technology Support:  Accounting System Implementation, System Evaluation, Data Management, Management Reporting, Quoting Tools
  • Compliance:  Financial Statement Audit, Compliance Audit, Tax Planning and Filing, International Compliance Support


Proven Track Record

What Our Clients Say

  "The advisors at Squire have been attentive to our needs, have given great insight on challenging issues, and have provided results we can count on allowing for all to see our vision through to the end."  

 Angie Garcia, CarWil 

"We have appreciated Squire's disciplined approach in responding to our needs.  They continue to produce the results we are looking for."

Jaleea P. George, Summer Energy Holdings, Inc


Success Stories

Your Partner through Growth

A mining support company experienced growth that was outpacing its organization infrastructure.  Squire was engaged to establish a scalable infrastructure and direct them through this growth.  Squire's advisors successfully designed and improved key processess, assisted in hiring and training new staff, established management performance measures and reporting packages, implemented and migrated to a new ERP system, enhanced the job quoting mechanisms, and provided executive coaching thoughout the process.  This company is now positioned for its best year in history as Squire continues to support them through this growth.

International Resourses

A multinational energy holdings company needed to transition from reporting its consolidated financial statements in United States GAAP to reporting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.  Squire engineered the transition process and helped management navigate through key issues in order to succesfully comply with the newly adopted international standards.

Reliable Readiness

A well-funded private investment firm in the energy sector had an unexpected loss of its key analysts at a time when an important deadline was on the horizon.  Trusting Squire's advisors to step in and quickly assimilate themselves to the resource opportunities, funancial models, and business context, they engaged Squire to support them through this process.  As a result, the private investment firm was able to complete its objectives and meet the deadline succesfully.


For more information regarding our expertise in the Energy and Mining industry please contact: 

Sarah Roseborough